After a very long hiatus, my favorite US TV shows are back! Well I loove my Pinoy primetimes (Maging sino ka man and Lobo, to name a few), but the US TV shows are different. Making them seasonal makes people like me ecstatic. Parang lagi kang may hinihintay. 

The brothers are back! Some people get tired of watching this TV show, but I don’t! And just keeps getting better and better. 

Two words: Chuck Bass.

I don’t know why I am still watching this but whatheh, maganda pa rin e.

One of the two comedies I am downloading. And I will never get tired of watching this show.

Of course Betty I will not drop! Sad to say it’s nothing like the original Betty La Fea. But it’s still nice and a show to watch for.

Of course, the housewives. The season is five years after the last season, so it’s pretty interesting. 

Open na ulit ang Seattle Grace Hospital! And I loove the season opener. 

And lastly, CSI. The wait is over (well at least for me). I have been watching this show since they started. And I tell you, this season’s opener was definitely the best. Grabe.

This US TV shows have just started and I am so happy because this will keep me up for the next six months. I am just so happy because of this!

Drive me away
`Cause the night just feels right
Take me away with you tonight
Anywhere with you

First of Summer, Urbandub

10.05.2008 TAGAY!

I loove my empoy sisters. One mobile call and ready na sila.

Tagaytay is so near parang part lang siya ng National Capital. I really loove Tagaytay :) Super thanks for being there Mare and Loriat.  Life is less fun without Emperador (hahaha!), but life is not life without you girls!

A couple weeks ago, while I was hanging out in Carla’s house, I saw their family photographs. Very old family photographs. Like more a hundred years old. I was so amazed because it is so hard to preserve photographs yet the photos were in very good condition. I talked to Carla’s dad as to how did they got to maintain the photographs. He told me that it was his grandfather who owned the photographs. If you’ll calculate it, photographs were taken nung 1880s pa. The photographs were very nice because at the back, people wrote dedication and they wrote it in Spanish. Yes oh yeah, the lovely Spanish language (mi amor). I love it because Filipinos at that time can speak Spanish fluently. At the same time, I hate it because of the fact that they can speak Spanish and our era can’t. I wished we could have maintained (at least that).

I asked uncle what are they going to do with the photographs. He said that it was so many that they have to throw some of it. Since I love photographs, I asked him if I could have it.

And I got it. Yey! Here's a sample:

Aah, those were the days. Imagine if ganito pa din tayo. Sino kaya sila?

9.28.2008 LOVE LETTER #02: BART.

Dear Bart,

It has been 5 years since the unfortunate event happened. I cannot believe our family is still sane. I cannot believe we are still holding on. 

The last 5 years were worse. I thought I could cheat by telling myself that you were just somewhere in abroad, studying in a boarding school. Hindi pala. Mahirap pala. I thought it would be easy if I talk about you more often, but I was wrong. The lost will never be easy. 

I miss you every time I eat Chicken Joy or KFC. 
I miss watching Rugrats and Hey Arnold with you. 
I miss you every Simbang Gabi. Wala na akong kasama mag-attend.
I miss you when I take a nap. Wala nang sumisiksik sa kama ko sabay hilik.
I miss you every morning. Wala na yung nagpapalakas ng volume ng TV.
I miss fighting with you. Palagi kasi akong nananalo.
I miss you every time I see an older sister taking care of her younger brother.
I miss you every time you call me Ate. For me, you are the only one who can call me Ate.
I miss you so much.
We miss you so much you have no idea.

Happy 15th birthday Bart, our home is not the same without you. 

I love you so much and I cannot wait to see you. 

Loving you always,


I am a self-confessed couch potato. That is why when I was in 2nd year high, my parents gave me a TV (just a simple one, wala pang flat nun e) as their Christmas present to me. Plus I am pretty selfish when it comes to TV. My brothers and I usually fought over the TV (sibling fights).

It has been 7 years already and I am proud to say that my TV is still in very good condition. It has never been brought to a shop or whatsoever. My brother had already 3 TVs in the last 7 years. My parents had 2 I think. But me, just one.

I had no intentions of replacing my TV (since it has been a loyal and very good piece of equipment), until I saw this one.
 My kind of Tube: 20S400A.

How can I do this to my TV?! Looking at others! Unfaithful! But he knows that someday, I have to replace him. But is this too soon? I don’t know.

No I will not throw my TV. I will probably relocate him. I will never forget the service he gave to me. He will always be my favorite TV.

9.23.2008 WAPOISE.

Never ever remove tiniks stuck in your gums while you are in a semi-public area (for example, pantry). You’ll never know kung sino ang biglang dadating para uminom ng water sabay titig sa iyo with a cute questionable look.

Then kunwari hindi mo siya napansin. You go straight to your work area. Then pagsilip mo, nakatingin pa din siya sa iyo.

Wapoise diba? Ang masakit pa dito, you haven’t removed the three tiniks stuck in your gums.

9.21.2008 ANNOYING. (ROUND2!)

I have made another list of things that annoy me. Most probably, these things annoy you too. Mind you, I'm not a pessimist. It's just plain annoying.

• Where na you? Andito na me. And all that stuff related to shortcut SMS. Slight tamad ka.
• 5-second stoplights – Come on. Hindi pa nga nakakacross yung car in front of the line, red na ulit. 
• People who keep borrowing my stuffs yet they can’t return it properly – Ikakadena ko na lang ng gamit ko!
• People who wakes up other people for no particular reason. It’s very annoying, lalo na at kakatulog mo pa lang. 
• People who do not reply to confirm – 50cents na lang naman ang SMS diba. Or at least YM or call sa landline. Be courteous enough to reply.
• This girl named Gwendaline. She keeps on asking the same question. I have already answered it 100 times yet she can’t understand it. 
• Our help here in our house who keeps on damaging our clothes and other stuffs. Hindi na pwede ang one more chance.
• The afternoon smell of people riding the LRT2. I will suggest to the LRT admin na hindi dapat ang hatian ay babae at lalaki. Dapat ang hatian ay mababango at mababaho. Diba? 
• Posers punks and Goths – There is still time to change!
• Wet sink – Actually not the sink but the top part of the sink. At least don’t wet it. May boundary yung sink diba. 
• Six Cycle Mind and Cueshe – need I say more?
• And lastly, still the unnecessary and unwanted thoughts. Please, spare me.

9.19.2008 CINE EUROPA.

As of now, this is the closest thing to my Europa dream.

Super thanks CTC for this photo.

Out of 16 films, I only saw 3 (After the Wedding, Children of the Moon, Love Songs). But I am happy that I saw the movies that I really want. Next year, I will watch again. Or perhaps next year, my Europa dream will come true.



When you were in preschool or grade school, have you experienced being left by your sundo? And when you were left by your sundo, did you ever feel like you were not forgotten, rather, you were abandoned? Did you cry so hard hoping that when your sundo arrives, he/she will feel pity? Guess what, I got to experience it again. Well, something like that.

It was pretty much an ordinary start. I readied my breakfast, my lunch, my bag and my wallet. I always make sure that I have my LRT card and at least have enough money inside my wallet. Kundi, hindi ako makakapasok.

When I checked my wallet, php10 lang laman niyang pera. Obviously the amount isn’t enough. But I didn’t worry because I was actually planning to withdraw some cash (later that day).

Never thought this will happen.

Ayaw gumana ng LRT card ko. So I asked for assistance. The LRT girl told me that hindi nacredit yung last trip ko, so I have to pay php15 daw. Yes oh yeah, php15.

I checked my whole bag. Mga kasingit-singitan. Pero wala. I looked for an ATM but unfortunately, wala din. I was scanning the crowd, looking for a familiar face, pero wala. Where the hell will I get php5???

Part of me wanted to kneel na, raise my left arm and beg for php5, but no way. I was way too dressy to beg. And of course, I’m too smart to beg (but not too smart to bring enough money hahaha).

I called sa bahay to ask if our driver has already arrived there. Hindi pa daw. Bummer.

I called my kabarkada and asked if she could fetch me. She’s not at home daw. Bummer again.

I called my officemate (who lives near the station) and asked if she’s on her way to work na. She said yes! Blessing from God!

I waited for about an hour for php5. Great. It was tiring pero okay lang. Nakakaiyak at nakakatawa lang because I never anticipated this. Of all the things that will bite me, I never thought of this.

Grade school all over again. Buti na lang hindi ako umiiyak. Pero I was on the verge of crying na hahaha! I really loathe being left alone. Lalo na without money.

Lesson here is be a girl scout.

And oh, that God is a funny God.

With eyes of a watchman
With ears of a superhero
With nose of a canine dog
With mouth like an armalite
With hair like the weather
With smile like a beautiful morning

With a singing voice like a broken jukebox
With dancing moves like a bunot on a floorwaxed floor

With patience of an elevator operator
With determination of a snail
With courage of a lion and tiger combined

With mind of her own
With heart of her own

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